2020 Artistic Introspection

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To render an artistic introspection of the year 2020 as well as continue the “2019 Binational Journey Artists” bonding and activities.

For this goal, and as a starting point, we will be using the concept of the Pre-hispanic Tzompantli (row or wall of skulls) and the Day of the Death (Día de Muertos) one of the most emblematic dates in the Mexican culture.

Tzompantli at Templo Mayor, México city. ( image by Juan Carlos Fonseca)

Thank you to everyone who participated, we will be posting updates on the next phase of the exhibition here, stay tuned.

Future ideas:

The intention is for this event to repeat on an anual basis and have more artists join the collective yearly reflection.

Create a yearly photographic document of “Tzompantli: Artistic Reflections” and create a book once a good number of years have been captured.