Tzompantli 2021, Artistic Introspection

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To carry out the second edition of “Tzompantli, 2021 Artistic Introspection”, give continuity to the 2020 edition, strengthen a critical thinking art community, promote their artworks and maintain the link to the first Binational Journey Artists summoned in 2019 by the SRE (Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Mexico).


The Institute of Mexicans in Foreign Countries ( IME ) and invite the art community (mexican and foreign artists) to create an artwork in any technique and material with the motive of doing an introspection of the year 2021 and using the figure of a human skull as starting point. 

Each finished artwork will have to be photographed by the artist and sent in JPG format. All images received will be displayed in rows and result in the 2021 Tzompantli (row or wall of skulls) and provide a collective visual introspection of life experiences during the year 2021.

Artworks received will be publicly displayed as follows:

  • An electronic magazine which will be produced by the IME and will be sent to all officials as well as the social networks of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Mexico. 
  • All additional organizations and groups that may join this proposal.

Artwork specifications:

  • Needs to be created specifically from the human skull figure.
  • May be created using any technique/material on a square format. 
  • Once finished the artist must take a photograph of it, retouch it if necessary and crop it.

Digital image specifications:

The image must be of at least 2000 pixels width and height in jpg format.

How to send your image along with necessary information to participate:

Write an email with the following information:

  • Artist name
  • Artwork title
  • Technique used
  • Artist city and country of residence and country of origin
  • A sentence (in English and Spanish) that will be displayed at the Tzomplantli alongside your artwork with your introspection for the year 2021.
  • Your social network sites (eg. Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok etc..) optional.
  • Your website address (optional)

Send your image and all required information to the entry distribution email*: 

(*Your entry will be automatically forwarded to, and )

IMPORTANT: If your artwork is not submitted with all the requested information we won’t be able to accept it for inclusion on the 2021 Artist Introspection.

Important dates:

Monday October 25th at 23:59 Mexico City Time  – Last day to submit your artwork.

Monday November 1st and throughout the entire month, a link to the magazine will be sent to all officials of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Mexico and shared on social networks.

The artwork and the information of all participating artists will be displayed at the official 2021 Tzompaltli web gallery. 

The artworks will also be displayed and promoted by all organizations and groups joining us for this year introspection.

To keep yourself up to date on this event and to visit/see past year’s artwork submissions please visit